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Thanks and acknowledgements

Thanks to all the Yangjia Michuan Teachers who provided permission for their videos to be included in this collection and who worked with me to create short biographical descriptions to accompany their videos.
In addition, a special thanks to Julia Fairchild, Bob Constantine, Scott M. Rodell, Chris Coggins, Chén Lián-xīn, Chris Nelson, Terri Pellitteri, Thomas Campbell, Yves Martin, Jean-Luc Perot, Don Klein, Ynze Waterlander, Hervé Marest, Frédéric Plewniak, Steve Chen, and Tomas Ries for their support and suggestions regarding design and/or content of this site.

Welcome to this website!

Here is some information about me:
January 2010. Began studying Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan with Bob Constantine at the Madison Community & Recreation Center in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).
September 2010. Created "Online Tai Chi Videos for Home Study" (what eventually became this website) to help my classmates, other new students anywhere in the world, and myself to learn this "precious art" (as Master Wang Yen-nien referred to Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan).
December 2010. After independent research and extensive correspondence with Julia Fairchild, created and posted "Is Julia Fairchild the 5th Generation Lineage Holder for Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan?" This article has been translated into French, Dutch, and Chinese, and downloaded by hundreds of people. (link)
January 2011. Invited to join Associazione Culturale Yen-nien (Lunga vita).
March 2011. Invited to become member of the Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan, International (YMTI) Bureau.
August 2011. Co-created and served as webmaster for www.acyn.org , a year long long experiment in providing a virtual home for Associazione Culturale Yen-nien.  
October 2011. Sponsored First Annual Yongkang Marathon in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).
November 2012. Sponsored Second Annual Yongkang Marathon in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).
November 2013. Sponsored Third Annual Yongkang Marathon in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).
October 2014. Sponsored the Fourth Annual Yongkang Marathon in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).
August 2015. Led Workshop Administration Team for Julia Fairchild Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan Workshop in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).
October 2015. Sponsored and led the Fifth Annual Yongkang Marathon in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).
2016. Assisted on project to re-print Volume 2.
October 2016. Sponsored Sixth Annual Yongkang Marathon in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).
October 2017. Sponsored the Seventh Annual Yongkang Marathon in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).
October 2018. Sponsored the Eighth Annual Yongkang Marathon in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).
October 2019. Sponsored the Ninth Annual Yongkang Marathon in madison, Wisconsin (USA).
When I am not working on projects related to Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan, I am an Organizational Psychologist with my own consulting business (www.theburtgroup.com).
Please send your ideas, feedback, suggestions, and comments to email.


Robert E. Burt, ymtvideos.com creator and webmaster

Why site was created

For me, learning a new Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan pattern requires many repetitions beyond what occur during class.   Online videos provide role models that I can follow anytime day or night to reinforce what I learn in class.  I searched the internet for online videos to assist my memory and to increase the effectiveness of my home practice. This website was created to provide a single and simple-to-use portal through which excellent examples of Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan are provided by experienced practitioners.

Evolution of a Website


1. Person directly recommends Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan video to someone else. "There is a good video at YouTube you will want to see."



2. Email. Different people send own short lists of recommended videos to different people.




3. All-text website. Video links from multiple emails are organized and put online so anyone can access comprehensive list at any time. Visitors click link to go to another website and view video.

September 2010: http://taichi.sports.officelive.com


4. Embedded video. Video links are embedded at website so that visitors can watch the video with one click. Videos spread across many web pages.

October 2010: http://taichi.sports.officelive.com

5. Integrated YMT Video Player. 70+ YMT videos are loaded into a single video player, and organized by type and presenter. Description of presenter/video pops up during play with click of button. Video titles, presenter, and description are searchable to find any video of interest.

May 2011: www.ymtvideos.com

History of Changes

March 23, 2020. Added 18 videos by David Banchereau.

~January 2020. Added several new videos by Chén Lián-xin.

January 15, 2019. Added several videos by Laurence Bovay: 13 Postures, Duan 1, Duan 2, Duan 3, Kunlun Sword.

January 6, 2019. Added Kunlun Sword by Chén Lián-xin.

August 24, 2015. Added several videos by Chén Lián-xin: Duan 1, Duan 1 with wooden dummy, Duan 1 with other person, Duan 2, Duan 1-3 in one continuous video, Fan, Pole, and Sword Cuts. Created the following new categories to accomodate his videos that did not fit elsewhere: Duan 1 (Applications), Duan 1-3, Pole, and Sword Cuts.

August 23, 2015. Added Parts 2 and 3 of Wang Yen-nien lectures at 1996 New York Workshop. Directed and edited by Thomas W. Campbell.

August 26, 2104. Added SIX new videos, directed and edited by Thomas W. Campbell, of Wang Yen-nien teaching Tuisho ath the New York Workshop: Exercise 12 (Double Arm Vertical Circle) Comments; Exercise 13 (Peng, Lu, An, Ji) Parts 1 and 2; Exercise 14 (Da Lu ... The Four Large Hand Movements), Exercise 15 (Ba Fa) Parts 1 and 2.

October 26, 2013. Added video of Wang Yen-Nien performing Duan 1 at The Grand Hotel, probably in about 1987. Probably filmed by John Lee.

August 2013. Added video of Julia Fairchild reflecting on the time she spent in India after the Brown Expedition to the Himalayas..

May 28, 2013. Added tw0 Wang Yen-nien videos just released by Tom Campbell. Tuishou Exercises #12A and #12B (Double Arm Verical Circle) from the New York workshop taught by Wang Yen-nien. Produced and edited by Tom Campbell.

April 27-30, 2013. Added four Wang Yen-nien videos just released by Tom Campbell. Tuishou Exercises #9 (Lu), #10 (An), #10B (Discussion about Becoming Advantageous), and #11 (Ji) from the New York workshop taught by Wang Yen-nien. Produced and edited by Tom Campbell.

February 2, 2013. Added Tuishou video featuring Wang Yen-nien Teaching/Demonstration. In Chinese. Video posted by Chén Lián-xin.

July 27 - August 6, 2012. Added Tuishou videos (exercises 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) from the New York workshop taught by Wang Yen-nien. Produced and edited by Tom Campbell.

March 31, 2012. Added several videos by Chris Nelson: 13 Postures, 13 Postures (parts 1, 2, 3), Duan 1.

March 6, 2011. Added 13 Postures (2 parts) by Jean-Luc Perot.

November 2011 - January 2012. New Tuishou (DaLu) video by Gianvittorio Ardito (Association WU XING). New Tuishou (BaFa) video by George C. Lin (Lin Jin Tai). New 13 Postures video by Nicole Henriod, Switzerland. New Duan 3 video by Cai Shi, Taipei City Tai Chi Chuan Association.

December 11, 2011. The YMT Video Player itself does not typically work with most mobile devices (e.g., iPhone and iPad). Added direct links to videos so that videos can be played on mobile devices.

December 2011. Added Commemorative Video of 2011 Yongkang Marathon

November 3, 2011. Replaced Hervé Marest Fan Video with his new, updated version of Fan.

July 3, 2011. Added David Liaw demonstrating "Duan 1." Added Chen performing Wudang Sword (left handed).

July 1, 2011. Official opening of ymtvideos.com with announcement letter sent to many members of Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan worldwide community.

June 29, 2011. Added David Liaw performing Basic "Exercises." Prepared and added new introductory video on home page.

June 25, 2011. Added Julia Fairchild reading her acceptance speech from Succession Day. Posted in "Interviews and Lectures" on YMT Video Player. Also added Du Yu's video description of Yongkang Marathon and posted in "Special Topics" section of website.

May 17, 2011. Added two new videos featuring Wang Yen-nien: Tuishou (part 4) and Lecture (part 1). Both are from 1996 New York Workshop and provided by Tom Campbell.

April-May, 2011. Prepare new website at ymtvideos.com. Major feature is single video player for all 70+ Yangjia Michuan Videos that are now included. A Chinese welcome page is added. Open house held during May and June.


Chronology of updates to previous site for "Online Tai Chi Videos for Home Study" ... http://taichi.sports.officelive.com



April 4, 2011.  With permission of copyright holder, videos of of Wang Yen-nien demonstrating Basic Exercises are now available for direct viewing.  

March 29. 2011.  Peter Clifford performing Kunlun Sword is added to site.  Master Wang is in the background.

March 14, 2011.  YMTI, Taipei provided permission to post a video of Master Wang performing Duan 1.

March 7, 2011.  The Dutch translation of my YMT succession article is now posted along with English and French versions that were posted previously.

January 21, 2011.  Posted "In Mystical Taiwan" radio interview conducted with Zhuang Shumei about Yangmia Michuan Taijiquan at Interviews about Tai Chi .

January 18, 2011.  Added two new Duan 1 videos (one viewed from front; other from back) that featureYorihiro Okatsu and are available at Duan 1.  More Demos .  Added T.T. Liang demonstrating early form of push hands at Other Recommended Videos .  If you are interested in tuishou, be sure to look at this.

December 26. 2010.  Posted an article I wrote about Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan succession (see Julia Fairchild).

December 10, 2010.  AYMTA Newsletter included a description of this website on the front page of its November 2010 issue.  

November 6, 2010.  1,000th visitor arrived today!  During the past month, the average number of weekly visitors has doubled.

November 5, 2010.  French translation (see Français), provided by Frédéric Plewniak, was posted today. 

October 31, 2010.  Site becomes multilingual (well, at least bilingual)!  Dutch translation was provided by Ynze Waterlander.  See Nederlands.

October 30, 2010.  Added introductory video on home page.

October 25, 2010.  Added Fan video featuring Robert Luo.  Updated biographical descriptions of some of the featured practitioners.

October 21, 2010.  Added Google Translate link on home page. Requested feedback about its usefulness.

October 18, 2010.  Added new tabs with videos of Fan and Exercises. Wang Yen-nien.  Added new videos in More Duan 1 DemonstrationsDuan 2Sword (Kunlun & Wudang), and Sword Cuts & Applications.

October 15, 2010.  YouTube videos are embedded at website to make them easier for visitors to view. 

October 13, 2010. Since its inception exactly one month ago, this website has been visited 400 times.  YMTI.ORG calls it a "great new YMT website" in their front page "Recent News" section.  Several visitors arrive daily from links provided at  YMTIGRTC ForumUNMC YMT ClubAYMTAHerve.MarestCEEYMT, and Silk Road.   Thanks for your many supportive comments.

October 6, 2010.  Although this website provides links to FREE videos posted online, a visitor recommended that I also show where other professionally created educational materials can be purchased.  See the new page:  DVDs, CDs, and Books to Buy

October 6, 2010.  Video related to site logo,   was added at About site logo.

September 30, 2010.  See  13 Postures for Chris Nelson's new introductory videos about the 13 Postures. 

September 28, 2010. See Tuishou (Push Hands) for videos of Wang Yen-nien, Julia Fairchild, and Serge Dreyer conducting workshops on this topic.  Last night, Thomas Campbell (YMT teacher and filmmaker) posted a third excerpt from the New York City workshop taught by Master Wang and Julia Fairchild.  Tom plans to post more excerpts every few weeks. Stay tuned!

September 13, 2010.  Website launched and announcement emails sent to many Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan teachers throughout the world.

About Logo

The Chinese character for Qi, used as the site logo, was hand-created in 2010 at St. Olaf College and received as a gift.
The three lines at top represent invisible steam.  The solid line that looks like a backward square root sign represents a pot.  The cross with marks on the diagonals represents rice.
The video above provides a fascinating description of the history and meaning of this kanji.