Yongkang Marathon: In Honor of Master Wang Yen-nien

The Ninth Annual Yongkang Marathon was held on October 26, 2019, in Madison, WI, as we joined other sites around the world in holding this event.

Julia Fairchild and Du Yu (aka Tian Xi) created the Yongkang Marathon as a way to honor Master Wang Yen-nien. As an adult, Master Wang selected Yongkang to be his second name.  Yongkang means forever healthy.  Marathon is a long run.  The primary focus for the Yongkang Marathon is health for the long run.  The Yongkang Marathon also creates the opportunity to connect with each other (locally and globally) and with the roots of our tradition.



2015 Yongkang Marathon. The empty chair is for our teacher, Bob Constantine, who was unable to attend.


Participants in 2014 Madison Yongkang Marathon
Back two “rows” combined (left to right):  Donna Huntington (Black Earth), Nancy Wuensch (MSCR), Pam Lewis (MSCR), Barbara MacCrimmon (MSCR), Gladys Mueller (Stoughton), Bob Burt (MSCR), Barb Littlewood (MSCR), Randy Peters (Evansville), Evonna Cheetham (MSCR), Sharon Rounds (MSCR), Sharon Cybart (Evansville), Ken Halfmann (MSCR), Joe Theisen (MSCR), Donna Niesen (Black Earth), Rita Miller (Black Earth)

Second row:  Peg Luby (MSCR), Diana Burt (MSCR), Audrey Jandrey (Stoughton), Bob Constantine, Brenda Pulvermacher (Black Earth), Madelaine Weigel (Black Earth), Bob Steidemann (MSCR)

Front row:  Carolyn Young (MSCR), Peggy Sharp (Stoughton), Charity Hirsch (Black Earth), Kayoko Christopherson (Stoughton), Briana Burns (Black Earth)


Letter from Julia Fairchild about 2013 Yongkang Marathon: English French German Chinese

Photos from other locations are available at www.ymti.org/us

Below: Commemorative Video of 2011 Yongkang Marathon


Du Jing, chairperson for Annual Yongkang Marathon and Global Chief Instructor for Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan, describes the event in the video below:

Click here to see full-size Yongkang Marathon poster in English.